Clifton Community Library
Board of Trustees Minutes
April 20, 2021

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Don Lashomb, Nicole Curry, Kathy Gill, JoAnn Young, Director Sandra Griffin, Heather Nichols, Marilyn Zimber, Julie Lanphear.
Absent: None.
The meeting was held in the Community Room and called to order at 6:00 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment:

Friends of the Library Report:
Marilyn passed out a schedule of Friends events for this summer. She has approval from the Town to use the building—the Friends will clean each day and appropriate safety measures will be followed. The ladies will need help moving boxes of books for the Book Sale in July. Nelson Brothers band costs $1,000—Library trustees unanimously approve the library paying half of the cost. Ice cream social is up in the air; will be decided in June.


Minutes of the previous meeting are approved: Motion by Don, seconded by JoAnn.

Financial Report is accepted.

Report of the Library Director was accepted.

Old Business

Pandemic response: Two computers are open, for use with keyboard covers. We will be opening on Saturdays soon (10am-1pm). We’re still cleaning inside (spraying with Lysol). We are quarantining books for three days if they’re touched when browsed.
Sandy is working with the hospital and the senior housing complex to get service there.
The e-reader is missing.
Cranberry Lake Fire Department has given us a fire extinguisher.
Heather has been updating the website, making it more personalized, adding a page about the history of the building and other touches.
We’ve purchased two Wild Center passes ($90 each).

New Business
Cindy wonders if we could sponsor a Junior Literacy program and give an award to the student who reads the most. It would be for 7-8 th graders, or 6-8 th graders. Sandy did not get an email response from the CFCS principal but will try to contact her by phone.
Summer programming: Heather has an idea for grab-and-go packets for kids (mostly elementary age). She’s made one showing how to make popsicle catapults. We can put them out on a bulletin board and have a different one each month. Other ideas would be binary number bracelets and things to do with gardening. We could also do storywalks, with laminated pages spaced out along a trail. Sandy has ordered freebee items from WPBS. We can draw more people in if we advertise free items and possibly contests and raffles.
Could we try to have an outside movie night once this summer? It would have to be behind the pavilion. Trustees will think this over for next meeting.
Porta potties this summer?: They make a mess, particularly with people throwing out garbage near them. Marilyn thinks the Boat Club should step up and pay part of the cost. Maybe it should be a shared expense between the library and Boat Club. One of us could contact them and ask. The snowmobile club is having a chicken BBQ in the summer, but we don’t know if they’re renting a porta potty themselves or assuming that one will be back there already. Julie will check ask about this. We have a “carry-in, carry-out” policy for the pavilion.
The trustees have approved updated loan policy papers to reflect minor changes. Since we are a fine-free library now, we have gotten rid of the list of fines. We should adopt a practice of updating or reapproving these policies at the first meeting of each year.

Next monthly meeting: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm. Motion by Nicole, seconded by JoAnn.

Don Lashomb