The Hub has an open day coming up on July 24!

The Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub, Inc began as a wishful idea when the Western Adirondack Presbyterian Church announced the closure and sale of the Cranberry Lake Church building. A community wide public meeting was held to discuss the possibility of the community acquiring the property and maintaining both its historical status and develop new uses to meet emerging needs – like dockage for day use hamlet center, small presentation space, historical presentation space, etc.

There was significant community interest (89 people at a community meeting and 74 surveys completed) and then the question became: did the community care enough to fund the purchase? Within a month, $140,000 had been pledged and it become clear that what began a wishful idea had true community backing.

The organizational group – then called The Cranberry Lake Church Opportunity Committee – presented a purchase offer to the Western Adirondack Presbyterian Church for the building, property and waterfront of $110,000. The Church countered with $125,000 and a gift intent of $15,000 to signify their support for the project. The offer was accepted and then the organizing committee obtained legal status as a NYS Charitable Incorporation and as a a Federal EIN, created a board of directors, elected officers, adopted bylaws and then successfully applied for an official 501c3.

In the meantime, we also realized that the financial resources committed to this project required a seasoned fund manager and we officially partnered with the Northern New York Community Foundation as our fund manager. They have provided invaluable start up services: sending out pledge reminders, project updates, processing payments and providing a grant of $30,000 in the third year of the project. We have received grants from the Northern New York Community Foundation, The Pearsall Foundation, The Damoth Fund and the Clifton Fine Community Foundation along with many individual donations – in excess of $280.000.

The property was officially named the Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub (The Hub for short) and we currently provide free community dockage and lawn space for lake viewing. In addition we have preserved the building by replacing the roof, installing signage, replacing the siding, replacing the septic and front steps. We will continue preservation activities moving to the inside as soon as COVID protocols and funding allows. COVID has prevented building use as it is a very small space and not easily used while meeting mandates. We will complete a building use plan with community input and implement it once the situation allows it.

If you are interested in the North Shore Hub and would like to know more please visit their website North Shore Hub or their Facebook page!
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