Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

March 16, 2021

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Don Lashomb, Nicole Curry, Kathy Gill, JoAnn Young, Director Sandra Griffin, Heather Nichols, Marilyn Zimber, Julie Lanphear. 

Absent: None.

The meeting was held in the Community Room and called to order at 6:02 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment: 

  Julie mentioned the VHS to DVD converter service the library used to provide. There seems to be interest in this and it’s something we could advertise. We could vote to buy another machine if ours doesn’t work anymore.

Friends Report:

Monthly report is accepted: Motion by Don, seconded by Kathy.



Minutes of the previous meeting are approved: Motion by Nicole, seconded by Kathy. 

Financial Report is accepted.

Report of the Library Director was accepted.

Old Business

Pandemic response: Sandy drafted a Bargain Hunter ad and safety signage to go up in the coming weeks. We will be offering in-person browsing to patrons again shortly.

JoAnn Young has returned to serve as a trustee. She has been approved by all, including the town board. 

Sandy found out about local (virtual) book clubs and will advertise them to our patrons.

Sandy suspected that we weren’t getting our discounted service rate (“E-rate”) through SLIC. She contacted SLIC about this, and we will be receiving a check for about $400 back.

We want to provide a Wild Center passes this year, but not a pass for the Adirondack Experience (because it has gone relatively unused).

Lost items: Dating back several years, our system shows 81 items marked lost or assumed lost. About a dozen were found on the shelves. Sandy and Heather will contact patrons who have lost books in the last few years to see if they can return them, but we will not go back further. (Kathy has also volunteered to call.) 

New Business

Our SeaComm accounts were becoming dormant. Sandy put in $1 so that we wouldn’t have to pay fees to maintain them.

Sandy plans to go away on vacation for three months later in the year. Heather will step and serve as director during that time.

Trustees need to see Town Clerk Karen Soltau in regards to oaths.

Small edits to Bylaws: Motion by Don, seconded by Kathy.

Bulletin board: Cindy volunteers her Cricket device to make cutouts.

Next monthly meeting: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:56 pm. Motion by Nicole, seconded by Don.

Don Lashomb