1. The Board recognizes that membership in the North Country Library System (NCLS) will increase the Librarys potential and expand services available to its patrons. The Library will take advantage of NCLS services as needed
  2. As a member of NCLS, the Library will:
    a. Inform the NCLS of any books that it may acquire from sources other than the System, and also about any books withdrawn from its collections.
    b. Accept borrowers cards issued by any member library, or by the System, to be honored on the same basis applicable to cardholders of the Clifton Community Library.
    c. Lend books from its collections to other member libraries of the NCLS on request transacted through NCLS headquarters, on the same basis as to cardholders of the Clifton Community Library.
    d. Receive from any borrower, materials borrowed from another NCLS member library for return through the NCLS delivery services to the originating library.
    e. Make every reasonable effort to secure continued support from local funds in an amount equal to or greater than the amounts presently received.