Present: President Cindy Whitmore, JoAnn Young, Don Lashomb, Diane Nagel, Zoel Houle, Library Director Susan “Kate” Kosior, Julie Lanphear, Friend of the Library Nickie Nolan.

Absent: None.

The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment:

Julie says Brett thinks the rewiring of the children’s room might be more complicated than we expected. He has worked on that room before and doesn’t think it will be an easy project to get better lighting in the room.

Nickie says that there are problems when we lend out the projector for movies. The Friends have placed a new lock on the cabinet, so the equipment can’t be taken out and changed around so easily or often. Maybe the library should buy our own projector. Everyone who shows movies downstairs needs to be assured that the equipment will work and will not require extensive troubleshooting when it’s time to show a film.


We received $120 to buy books in memory of Reta Burns. We also received book donations in her name.

Letter from Susan Sweeney Smith on behalf of the Adirondack Foundation (see below).

Letter from Denise Barstow about an electronic sign outside of the fire department (see below).

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Diane, seconded by JoAnn.

No Finance Committee report this month.

Report of the Library Director was accepted.       

Old Business

Zoel purchased a ladder. He has the receipt and will bring the ladder over when requested.

                “Cranberry Lake 50” maps were a big hit. We are out of them and should acquire more.

                The “Free Wifi” sign was never found. John Dragun has been approached to make a new sign.

                We decided not to put a “Reading Room” sign along the downstairs hallway because many patrons seem to find it easily on their own

New Business

Julie thinks the value of our CD is getting so high (about $36,000) that it should be considered a “fund balance”; we should think about spending money to get it down. We were saving to cover the cost of major accidents that might occur, but Julie says the insurance policy on the building itself should cover most major losses. We could look into putting insurance on our books, but we already do have an insurance policy for the rare books and Adirondack collection. Diane proposed double-staffing as a way to spend more money.

Susan Sweeney Smith approached us on behalf of the Adirondack Foundation. They are looking to put more money into Newton Falls. Kate and Susan filled out a grant application. The idea is to do story hour once a week, for five weeks, at the Newton Falls fire department. Zoel says Kelly would be happy to help out.

On August 17th, at 9am, Kate will meet with our contacts at the hospital to discuss the grant project there.

July was a mixed bag in terms of event attendance. No one came to three activities (game night, PAWS for Reading, Lions Club vision screening). The Nelson Bros. band drew only 25, which is less than in previous years, but this is probably because other local events were going on at the same time. Trivia Night and Arts & Crafts were very well attended, and Jonathan Foster drew over 65 people.

On August 25th at 7pm we will have an event with astronomer Kevin Manning.

Joe from NCLS came and replaced our wifi routers. There is a bit of a problem with the one downstairs: patrons have difficulty connecting with their laptops (but connecting with their phones works fine).

The Friends agreed to pay half the cost of replacing worn audiobook cases.

Nordie Nolan sorted out the state audit of our accounts. NCLS does not provide help when dealing with audits, and Carol said it was not her job either. Nordie spent time over the course of three weeks working on this, but refused payment. In the future we should probably hire her to do our accounting.

Kate’s penpal in Australia donated cushions and mentioned that the Young Library in New South Wales is looking for a sister library. This could lead to any sort of cultural-exchange programs, book club, Skype conversations, national holiday sharing, etc. Kate will follow up on this and see what seems interesting.

We have about $10,000 left of Damoth funds this year. Shelving and painting will take a chunk of that money.

We received a letter from Denise Barstow about the prospect of an electronic sign outside of the fire department. She requests $2,500 from the Friends of the Library to help pay for the $22,000 sign. We think she wants the money from the library directly. Motion passes with JoAnn abstaining from the vote. We will be able to advertise our events on the electronic sign.

We will hold a tea activity for Friends of the Library toward the end of summer.

Next monthly meeting: Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm. Motion by Don, seconded by Zoel.

Don Lashomb