Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

December 15, 2020

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Nicole Curry, Don Lashomb, Kathy Gill, Julie Lanphear, Marilyn Zimber.

Absent: Ted Tate, Interim Director Sandra Griffin.

The meeting was held in the Community Room and called to order at 6:01 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment:


Friends Report:

                Marilyn says that after the 1st of the year the Friends are going to start trying to schedule concerts for next summer.



Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Don, seconded by Nicole.

No Financial Report this month due to director’s resignation. We have confidence in Theresa Ellis as bookkeeper going forward.

Report of the Interim Library Director (Sandra Griffin) was accepted.

Old Business

Pandemic response: Via questionnaires put in books, we are going to ask patrons how they would feel about the library being open (for curbside pickup) on Wednesday night or Saturday in the near future.

Because of Helena’s fall a few months ago, we are going to have her leave the door open (or unlocked) when she is alone.

Nicole will pick up bills and put in Theresa’s box in Tupper.

New Business

Kate Kosier has resigned as director. Sandy has been filling in as interim director and we are taking applications.

Marilyn says she’s heard of someone who applied. We will wait till after the first of the year to evaluate applicants. We haven’t checked the mailbox to see how many have applied, because Sandy has been out of town.

We should pay Sandy as intern director the same as what we were paying Kate.

Retirement pay issue: Kate hadn’t sent in monthly NYS retirement fund payments since January, even though retirement payments had been taken out of her paychecks. Cindy has resolved it with Nancy Russell.

We wonder, how of curiosity, whether or not there’s ever been discussion about the CFCS library being open to adults in Fine and/or Clifton (one night out of the week, or something).

Next month we will either continue to meet in person, socially distanced in the Community Room, or via Zoom, depending on pandemic conditions.

Next monthly meeting: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:29 pm. Motion by Nicole, seconded by Kathy.

Don Lashomb