Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

February 16, 2021

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Don Lashomb, Nicole Curry, Kathy Gill, and Director Sandra Griffin via speaker phone. 

Absent: None.

The meeting was held in the Community Room and called to order at 6:08 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment: 


Friends Report:

Marilyn emailed to congratulate Sandy on becoming director and inquired when the library would be open again for visitors. (Pandemic response is below as a monthly agenda item.)



Minutes of the previous meeting are approved: Motion by Don, seconded by Kathy and Nicole (tie). 

Financial Report is accepted.

Report of the Library Director was accepted.

Old Business

Pandemic response: We are currently open for curbside service on Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm, and again in the evening from 6pm to 7pm if there are books to distribute. Sandy has been on various Zoom calls through NCLS. Of eighteen St. Lawrence County libraries, a dozen were represented on a call, and seven of those libraries were curbside-only. Sandra and Helena will likely be vaccinated against COVID-19 next month. If cases continue to drop, from the first week of April we will plan to make the library open for patrons by appointment. We will also have a system in place for walk-in visitors, as circumstances allow. Everything will be done in accordance with last year’s pandemic plan, and Sandy will present specifics of reopening procedures at the March 16 meeting.

A bookdrop at post office has been installed and is being used. Thanks to Bill Griffin. 

New Business

Since last meeting, Sandy Griffin was made full-time library director and Heather Nichols was hired as an assistant.

A patron has requested that we look into supporting various online book clubs, in particular Jenna Bush Hager’s and Reese Witherspoon’s. We will look into this and see if we can think of any other interactive activities we could provide for patrons.

Trustees approve of the NYS Mandated Public Library Annual Report being sent in.

Overall, we had 38% as many books circulated in 2020 vs. 2019. This is pretty good considering we were not open much last year, that it was mostly done via curbside service, and that the months we were fully open in 2020 (January through mid-March) are the slowest months.

A new library director contract is approved for Sandy.

We’ve closed out our payroll bank account at Community Bank. The remaining $170 was put into our other Community Bank account.

We need to add Sandy to the Community Bank account. Sandy will also be getting a new debit card, because current one has Kate’s name on it.

In regards to the Community Bank and SeaComm accounts, we have experienced a change in the signers for all of our accounts.  Signers will now be:

Sandra Griffin, Library Director

Cynthia Whitmore, Board of Trustees president

Don Lashomb III, Secretary

Sandy will quarantine for three days when she returns from Myrtle Beach.

Operating hours going forward: When we open up for in-person patrons we will go back to 10am-2pm hours for weekdays (a few days a week at first) and 10am-1pm on Saturdays. We will need to change the stated hours in our handbook and inform NCLS.

We also need to update the list of trustees in handbook.

We need to find a new trustee to replace Ted Tate.

We have 74 items marked missing/lost in our system. Sandy and Heather Nichols will try to track down as many as possible. Patrons of lost materials will be expected to pay for them.

Next monthly meeting: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:03 pm. Motion by Nicole, seconded by Kathy.

Don Lashomb