Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

July 13, 2017

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Joanne Young, Don Lashomb, Sarah LeRoux, June McWharf, Director Devin Rice, Marilyn Zimber of the Friends of the Library and Julie Lanphear of the town board.

Absent: None.

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment: Julie Lanphear wants to know if Damoth funds could be used to provide a service to convert VHS tapes to DVD. Devin has looked into this and says the equipment would cost $100 tops. We can also get an adaptor to so camcorder tapes can also be converted. People who use the service will have to sign a waiver saying that the library isn’t responsible if the process somehow damages their tapes.

Correspondence/Communications: We’ve received a $50 donation from Zola O’Clair in memory of Ann Gurley. The Friends of the Library gave us a $500 donation to be used for audiobooks as well as a $300 donation to be used for large print books (and we have already used this money to purchase 18 of them). We’ve also received book donations from Marcel Carrier and Dennis Gellasch.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Sarah LeRoux, seconded by Cindy Whitmore.

Report of the Finance Committee was accepted.

                We have yet to receive our Damoth money this year, but no one else has received it yet either.

Report of the Library Director was received and accepted.

Old Business:

                We should go to the Town Board and get their approval for the downstairs workspace. Devin has been looking into the costs of chairs and perhaps a love seat, as part of a “comfort zone”. There should be a floor lamp or two, a work station or two, etc. Perhaps we could replace some of the upstairs furniture and bring that downstairs—Marilyn will ask the Friends what they think about the idea.

                Marcy Blackmer’s dementia workshop will take place next week.

                The idea of a workshop explaining how to download audiobooks and ebooks was brought up again. NLCS is developing a new smartphone app, and when this has been implemented perhaps we could have a workshop on all of these matters.

                The front sign has arrived but we need more letters for it. Devin has ordered them.

New Business:

We should put flowers on Robert Damoth’s grave (and make sure they are watered when need be). Next spring we could plant perennials, but for now we will get some tiger lilies. Don will get some from Agway or Lowes next week.

Next monthly meeting: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:56 pm. Motion by Sarah LeRoux, seconded by Joanne Young.

Don Lashomb