Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

June 8, 2017

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Joanne Young, Don Lashomb, Sarah LeRoux, Director Devin Rice, Clint Farnsworth of the Boat Club and Julie Lanphear of the town board.

Absent: June McWharf

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment: Clint Farnsworth of the Boat Club brought us up to date on the pavilion. There is extra money in the “kitty” ($6000 of $8000 left), and they will expect to collect even more going forward. He asked us for suggestions and we agreed that money should  go toward constructing a (handicap-accessible) sidewalk leading to the pavilion. Clint agreed that this is a good idea, and the Boat Club will work toward this, bringing a code-enforcement officer in to make sure everything is done right.


We received a book donation from Marilyn Zimber, an audiobook from Bob Adams, and a large donation of DVDs from the Oswego Public Library.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Sarah LeRoux, seconded by Joanne Young.

Report of the Finance Committee was accepted.

Report of the Library Director was received and accepted.

Old Business:

                Sign has been ordered from Sam’s Club but has yet to arrive. There is a large span of estimated arrival dates, between May 19 and June 26.

                The small flags were up for Memorial Day, then taken down. They will be put back up for Flag Day and then left there for children to take.

                Julie asked about the possibility of our hosting a dementia workshop, which Marcy Blackmer has led before. Damoth money could be used for this.

                Music: Rod Fraser will play on July 12 and Jon Foster will play on the day of the Book Sale. We are also looking into Brock Gonyea from Tupper Lake.

                We have not heard back about the Contra Dance. June presumably has been looking into it. Rick Kovacs is the contact.

New Business:

NCLS Website Tune-up Grant: The conditions have been fulfilled: the minutes and policies have been added to the website. We earned the $100 grant.

Eighteen large-print books by popular authors were purchased with money from the Friends.

Basement Workspace Plans: We need to buy a few chairs, a coffee table, desk(s), office chairs – portable but still nice. Damoth money can be used for this.

Construction grant: Joanne bright up Dawn Vincent’s email of 6/6 regarding construction grants. There is a consideration as to whether we would need State Historic Preservation Office approval for any construction since our building is over 50 years old. It was then noted that our Community Center cannot be deemed historical due to the recent addition of new windows, which voided the historical consideration. There is the related consideration of writing a letter to Senator Joe Griffo, asking if he can do anything for us in terms of funding. Devin says that such letters have been sent in the past and the format is provided by NYLA.

Next monthly meeting: Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm. Motion by Sarah LeRoux, seconded by Don Lashomb.

Don Lashomb