Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

May 11, 2017

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, Joanne Young, June McWharf, Don Lashomb, Sarah LeRoux, Director Devin Rice, Friends of the Library President Marilyn Zimber.

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment: None.

Correspondence/Communications: Mary Jarvis gave us a $50 donation, and a thank-you card was sent. June and Scott McWharf offered to donate a popcorn machine to the library; this was enthusiastically accepted and the popcorn machine has arrived.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved with one correction (Rod Fraser, not John Fraser): Motion by Sarah LeRoux, seconded by June McWharf.

Report of the Finance Committee was accepted.

Report of the Library Director was received and accepted.

Old Business:

                We now have four Wild Center passes but there is still concern about patrons not bringing them back quick enough, which was a problem last summer. We should make these passes one-day checkouts, and make up a packet to put them in so that they can be easily returned in the drop-offs when the library isn’t open. Both the Wild Center pass and the Adirondack Experience (museum) pass have been advertised on our Facebook page.

                The expiring SeaComm CD was renewed.

Michelle from Todd’s will take the metal shelves downstairs. Maria Twyman turned them down.

New Business:

Summer Reading Program: Tamara Combs will do Story Hour again. The PTO is interested in volunteering to help out with the Summer Reading Program and have ideas for activities to go along with the readings. We will see if they can help us with the end-of-summer ice cream party. We will also reach out to the Cooperative Extension and see what programs they may be able to offer us this summer.

AARP driver safety course is scheduled for June 17th.

We will work with Elizabeth Cooper at Coffee Fever to coordinate Summer Reading Program drop-offs and pickups.

Rod Fraser tells us that a weekday performance would be best, since his weekends are already booked. We will offer him Wednesday, July 12 or Wednesday, July 19.

The popcorn machine is here, and we have plenty of bags from various sources. The Friends who are running the movie nights do not want to deal with cleaning the machine, so Devin will have popcorn available from the library during those times.

Gene Lalonde has a Survival Seminar program available for our consideration, and he will get back to us on pricing. It is potentially a day-long course.

Other possible performances: The band Gone Fishin’ was never called. We are interested in booking contra dancing for August 5th (contacts are Rick Kovacs and Jamie Savage).

Last night the town board approved our acquisition of a temporary sign to be placed in front of the Community Center (approx. $500 from Sam’s Club).

Damoth Fund Budget: NCLS computer guy Jerry Shell informed us that Windows 7 support is ending and we must upgrade to Windows 10. For this we need a maximum of $2,500 ($15 for licenses and $500 per computer). We need four new computers to replace our five existing computers (too old to upgrade); the blank space can become a spot where patrons can use their laptops. We are also considering a study carrel/cubicle for downstairs. Damoth money will be used for computer upgrades, a new sign, our summer programs, and Porta Potties.

Parade: July 8th is the Firemans Fields Days in Star Lake. The library could have a small float there to bring awareness. We will try to recruit from the PTO and other local children.

Flag Day is June 14th. We will buy approx. 50 small flags to put outside for Memorial Day, bringing them back inside at the end of the day. We will then put them back out for Flag Day, and leave them out so kids can take them. We should put a blurb about the definition and history of Flag Day in the Bargain Hunter for the two weeks prior to the holiday.

Next monthly meeting: Thursday, June 8th, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:26 pm. Motion by Don Lashomb, seconded by Sarah LeRoux.

Don Lashomb