Clifton Community Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

May 21, 2019

Present: President Cindy Whitmore, JoAnn Young, Don Lashomb, Samantha MacDonald, Library Director Susan (Kate) Kosier, Julie Lanphear, Marilyn Zimber, Bev Fickbaum, Nickie Nolan.

Absent: Nicole Curry, Nancy Russell.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment:

                Nickie Nolan wondered what the protocol was regarding discarded books. The policy is that books are discarded when they haven’t been checked out in three or four years.  She also wondered who Greg was and what he’s been doing in the library. Greg has been a great help volunteering and uses the library computers to help him in his job search.

Bev wondered how many programs were scheduled for summer. There are about thirty programs scheduled. Jon Foster and the Nelson Brothers will be performing, but several other performers didn’t get back to us. Bev and Nickie say that sometimes certain groups need to be booked a year ahead of time (book this summer for next summer, perhaps). Marilyn says Rod Fraser, who played here a few years ago, is back in the area and playing at Twin Lakes.

Julie said the Town Board received some very nice books containing a study that compares different areas of the country, and the Adirondacks isn’t much different from the current average in terms of population change and student enrollment. She will bring a copy of the book to the library. She hasn’t heard anything from the Native American Traveling College.

Friends Report:

                No Friends report this month.



Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Don, seconded by Sam.

Chief Financial Officer’s report was accepted: Motion by Don, seconded by JoAnn.

Report of the Library Director was accepted.

Old Business

Regarding emergency procedures and closing: Snow days are at Kate’s discretion (we are no longer linked to the school in this regard). The question of no longer paying the librarian for snow days is tabled till next contact.

Community Bank is not going to give us any extra reassurance about account protection. In order to be covered for losses, we have to notify the bank within 48 hours of any funny business taking place in our account.

                Brochures have been produced and distributed.

                No further news on the architect who is supposed to evaluate our situation. He should be back in town by the end of the month and said he would be contacting us by then.

                Sign has been brought out to the front lawn (thanks to Bill, Larry, and Greg).

New Business

                Kate needs to go on the SeaComm account by next meeting.

                We will be taking over movie night from the Friends this year. It will be Wednesdays.

                Cranberry Lake Book Club will be starting up again soon.

                Diamond is done working for us, and Helena has been having health issues so she is probably done working as well. Grace Sauter has been volunteering and may be a good fit to be offered a job as an assistant librarian. Kate has the board’s permission to offer her the position.

                We have name tags and t-shirts for our open house on July 10th. Coffee Fever will provide refreshments. (Nickie wishes that the front of building could be refurbished in time for this…)

                We’ve got to do something at the church (when and if it’s opened) in order to justify having used Damoth money to support the project. If nothing else, we could hold our October meeting there. Ditto regarding advertising on the electronic sign in front of the fire hall. Mr. Yartz runs that and we can contact him to run notices of some of our summer activities there           

Next monthly meeting: Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:39 pm. Motion by Don, seconded by Sam.

Don Lashomb