Present: President Cindy Whitmore, JoAnn Young, Don Lashomb, Diane Nagel, Library Director Susan “Kate” Kosior, Julie Lanphear, Susan Sweeney Smith, Friend of the Library Nickie Nolan.

Absent: None.

The meeting was called to order at 5:49 pm by President Cindy Whitmore.

Public Comment:

Susan Sweeney Smith spoke about the church in Cranberry Lake, which the Presbyterian Church Session wants to sell. A Church Opportunity Steering Committee has been formed; they want to buy the church but need donations. The building has community value and is salvageable, but it will be expensive. She is asking for a pledge toward a down payment for the town to purchase the building.

Julie suggested we buy bookcases with wheels on them, or buy wheels to put on existing shelves. She also wants to remind us about taking down the pavilion curtains. We thought the Boat Club had been told that taking the curtains down was their responsibility. We still have time on this and Cindy says it wouldn’t be much trouble for us to do it ourselves if need be.

Nickie Nolan asked why the library hours were changed. Kate says relatively few people came in after 1pm, and now we get people who are going to the town clerk’s office at 9am.

Nickie also says that some Friends were upset that we got rid of certain books that were expensive and/or signed. Many of these books had not gone out in years, and were in the book sales multiple times without being purchased. Still, in the future we will ask people who donate nice books if they want them back in the event that they prove unpopular with the patrons.


Dan Bailey sent an enthusiastic letter regarding his trivia challenge title; he is looking forward to defending it.


Dan Bailey sent an enthusiastic letter regarding his trivia challenge title; he is looking forward to defending it.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Diane, seconded by JoAnn.

No Finance Committee report this month because our secretary has left the trustee board, but Kate did share the General Fund Expense numbers for August.

Report of the Library Director was accepted.

Old Business

John Dragun hasn’t gotten back to us regarding a new WiFi sign.

Larry has been in numerous times to take measurements for new DVD shelves.

New Business

Mairi Meredith and Zoel Houle resigned from their respective positions as librarian and trustee. Two librarians were interviewed and hired: Helena Bronson and Kelly Houle. To fill the trustee vacancy we will first contact likely people, and if that fails we will place a Bargain Hunter ad.

Angela Newman from NCLS visited and gave a tutorial about the weeding of books and collection building. We received $500 for new books (will need to provide NCLS with receipts). In particular she advised that we purchase updated Adirondack travel guides since many of ours are old and out of date.

Cindy and Kate visited the senior citizens on September 7th, and eight new patrons signed up. Kate is due to meet with workers at the hospital on September 21st to discuss outreach there, but this may be delayed if Helena isn’t ready to be in charge of the library alone by then.

SLIC sent us a letter supporting a Foundation for Rural Service application for the Newton Falls Fire Department. This would provide free outside WiFi at that building.

We won a Clifton-Fine Community Fund grant for $500 to be used for story and craft activities in Newton Falls this winter.

There is an NCLS meeting on Monday. The library will be closed as Kate, Cindy and Diane attend. JoAnn notes that the library should not be closed in circumstances like this; Kate understands, but in this case we are temporarily understaffed and there was no other option.

Kathy Mech will teach a course on how to sculpt pumpkins. A display is up and there will be a Bargain Hunter ad in advance.

John Burns is grateful for the donations made in Rita’s honor and he wants to do a Christmas reading for children at the library. We think he should read Polar Express.

Diane and Kate spent about five hours putting new covers on audiobooks (half of which were purchased by the Friends). We need volunteers to do this kind of work. The Friends’ charter doesn’t allow them to volunteer in an official capacity, but they can still be approached to volunteer and can come in as individuals. Grace Sauter has asked to volunteer and Kate signed her up.

We have had problems with people leaving trash in the basement after events. We will draw upon the building agreement form that the Star Lake Community Center uses and create a similar form of our own.

                Summer reading program had 53 participants—a big success and huge improvement over last year.

Arts & crafts activities had an attendance of 71 this summer.

                We will have our annual budget meeting at 6:30pm this Monday.

Sometime afterwards we need to meet with Chuck Hooven regarding our finances, CDs, etc.

Sometime this fall we also need to come up with a new strategic longterm plan, since the previous five-year plan has expired.

The front color printer no longer works and we need a replacement. Some trustees want us to explore a previously mentioned service in which we rent printers.

The Boat Club thinks it’d be a good idea to have an information center kiosk in front of the library door, with pamphlets detailing library info (hours, services, etc.).

We think the Bargain Hunter ads should be more distinct and should list the new books and new DVDs that have arrived. We also feel that “CCL” should be written out as Clifton Community Library.

Next monthly meeting: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:27 pm. Motion by Don, seconded by JoAnn.

Don Lashomb


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved: Motion by Diane, seconded by JoAnn.