Cranberry Lake

Whether you are a first-time visitor to picturesque Cranberry Lake and the surrounding areas, or a long-time resident, there are interesting things to do and learn about here!

Cranberry Lake North Shore Hub is almost directly across from the library! Read all about it here!

Do you know about historic Cranberry Lake? There’s much to be discovered in the items and pictures left behind. Take a look at some pictures of what the town and surrounding areas used to look like!

In both summer and winter there is the Cranberry Lake 50 to hike and walk! It is a fifty (50) mile long hike that goes right past the library and circumnavigates Cranberry Lake itself. We also have maps available for purchase in the library!

Do you like going out on Cranberry Lake itself? Read about the Cranberry Lake Boat Club and see some pictures from past events!